Gallien-Krueger Neo115 III

Gallien-Krueger Neo115 III


Производитель: Gallien-Krueger

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The Gallien-Krueger Neo 115-III is a bass cab built to deliver silky-smooth, solid tone—and now it's even more portable with a reduced weight of 40 pounds and smaller dimensions. This compact, roadworthy front-ported cabinet is loaded with a custom-designed, cast-frame 15" neodymium speaker. Neodymium speakers are lighter than traditional speakers, but deliver the same robust performance. Tuned for a consistent response from top to bottom, there is plenty of definition in the highs and mids, coupled with a fat low-end. The bass cabinet also features GK's bi-amp system; Speakon-style and 1/4" connectors; 300W power handling; rugged poplar construction; Tolex covering; reinforced, interlocking corners; 16-gauge steel grill; and removable casters.

Gallien-Krueger Neo115-III 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet Features:

* 300W power handling
* 1 GK-Paragon stamped-frame 15" neodymium woofer
* GK-Paragon tweeter
* 8 ohms impedance
* 36Hz-19kHz frequency response
* 104dB sensitivity
* Crossover circuit with bi-amp/full range switch, horn power limiter, and high frequency attenuator
* 1 Speakon, 1 - 1/4"
* Rugged poplar construction
* Black tolex covering
* 16-gauge steel grill
* Removable nickel-plated casters
* Custom-tooled interlocking corners
* Front-loaded ports
* 40 lb.

1-2 недели Наличие:
1-2 недели

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