B-Band UKKO Kit

B-Band UKKO Kit


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The B-Band UKKO-KIT 5-Piece contact drum mic system is a remarkable way to capture the true tonality of your drums consistently, conveniently, and with extreme isolation. This system consists of two important components: UKKO DM preamps, built with high-quality class-A electronics, and UKKO DST Contact mics for superb tone. This system works with any size drums, and gives you high-resolution sound, and easy setup!

This mic system was designed to be able to blend-in visually with your drum kit. That is why B-Band designed the DM preamps to be chrome colored to match most drum hardware. It is an extremely lightweight system that does not add any noticeable weight to the drum, or get in the way while performing like most other drum mic systems. It also very robust and durable, and will endure rigorous touring.

Setting up and tearing down have never been this easy. The DST mics have an adhesive back that mounts easily and discreetly on the inside of the drum shell near the batter head. The DST lead wires are fed through the drum's air holes to the DM preamps. The DM preamps for the snare drum and toms come with two different mounting options: mounting at the air hole outside of the drum, or a rim clamp mounting. The air hole mounting option was specially designed to not interrupt the flow of air as the drum breathes. Being as the DM preamps are so small in size, there is no need to remove them to put the drums in their cases, leave them on and be ready for the next gig or studio session.

Inside the DM preamps there are two mini switches, which contour the sound for choice of tone. The DMS, DMT, and the DMK preamps all have 2 different frequency choices from each other because snare drums, toms, and kick drums all have different tonal characteristics.

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2-6 дней Наличие:
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