Ashdown CTM-100

Ashdown CTM-100


Производитель: Ashdown

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Inspired by classic tube bass amps but with modern features and performance, the Ashdown CTM-100 tube bass amp head is built to perform night after night. It's got the tonal range to cover everything from smooth, warm and clean(mellow push button engaged), to overdriven and growling with the gain cranked. You'll get plenty of punch, power, and headroom for small- to medium-size gigs from the CTM-100's power section, which packs two 6550 power tubes. In addition to standard tone controls, you can fine-tune your perfect tone with Deep, Mid Shift, and Bright switches. For a solid tonal foundation for your bass rig, it's hard to beat the rugged Ashdown CTM-100 tube bass amp.


Power Output (RMS) - 100 Watt Power Requirement - 115-240 Votls Speaker Outputs - 3 x Jack 8/4/2 Ohm DI Output - Valve Driven Transformer Derived Impedance - Minimum Impedance 2 Ohm EQ - Passive EQ Section. Bass, Middle and Trebble plus shape push buttons Effects Send - Jack Effects Return - Jack Pre-Amp Tubes - 2 x Ecc83/12ax7 2 x Ecc82/12au7 1 x Ecc99 Output Tubes - 2 x KT88 Weight (kg) - 19Kg
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> 5 штук Наличие:
> 5 штук



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